I’m sad now

No more downtime, pwease

I really can’t help but wonder why my website is down so often. Not that it matters. I have shared hosting so I expected it to be slow and unreliable, but it’s periodically down for several days at a time. I never report it since the way I find out that the site is down is usually by getting an email informing me about DDoS, so my host is much more on top of it than I am. But it makes me curious. I certainly don’t think that I’m the cause of this. Although I’m sure that there are hoards of nefarious evil-doers conspiring against me all the time, the plans that my usual nemeses come up with are typically more along the lines of urinating in the reservoir or displaying an image of a spooky ghost using a slide projector to scare patrons away from my struggling amusement park. DDoS would be most uncharacteristic of them.

Therefore, I’ve been looking at robtex.com to see which other websites I share the server with. I wanted to see if there were any among them that are involved in warez, the Aryan Brotherhood, KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, Newscorp, or any other group that would be prone to attacks of vandalism by Internet vigilantes. There is one site, at least, called warezshack.com that’s hosted on the same server. Looks like a ghosttown though.

Regardless of the cause, I’m not someone who should be complaining. The service is the cheapest I could find and my record is not exactly clean of abuse. I’ve had excessive CPU problems on several occasions but, worst of all, was the incident when the blog was vandalized and phishing pages were put in here without me even noticing