Summer 2011: Rou Kyuu Bu!

I’m sure glad this season is over. It was boring except for AnoHana. Rou Kyuu Bu is the first new show of the summer season. Of course, I didn’t expect I would follow it on a weekly basis, but since I have a week off from school and I need a break from watching nothing but sad shows like my current favourite, Oniisama e, I figured I should watch it. It’s a lot cuter than I expected which means I now know that I’ll at least watch the next episode when it comes out and I’ll decide then if I want to drop it or not. Here are the tropes I counted in merely the first episode:

Maid café


Unexpected tensai girl

Tall girl with a complex about her height

Shower oppai grope scene


Make no mistake; this is probably a terrible show. But the cuteness of it all is so overwhelming that it makes up for how agonizingly horrible the show really ought to be. My favourite character at the moment is Hinata, the little pink-haired one:

Cute bunny rabbits and cute lolis...

...a winning combination!

The protagonist of the show is your typical high school kid. He’s strongarmed into coaching the elementary school basketball club, which he agrees to do for three days only. Of course, he’s going to get attached to them and see things through to the end, I presume. I haven’t read the manga, of course, but it looks like a typical sports anime with the pleasant twist of featuring a team of adorable lolis. That’s the only redeeming quality of this show. Of course, you could argue that, if they’re cute enough, that’s all that’s needed to make an enjoyable show. I might agree with that argument. To be sure, I’ll have to watch more episodes for research purposes.

What’s obvious though is that the show would be unwatchable without the cuteness factor. Just look at the tough members of the boy’s basketball team who plant the seeds of conflict by threatening the protagonist, telling him to quit his coaching position:

If they were the team the protagonist was sent to coach we’d have no show. I suppose that’s not much of an observation though.

Of course, the show I’m most looking forward to of the next season is Mawaru Penguin Drum, which first airs on July 7th. Hopefully some good group decides to do English subtitles. Until then I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Catch up on Hanasaku Iroha I guess?