Oh the irony

I get a lot of spam from what are, presumably, zombified computers owned by negligent FiOS customers, but I thought this was pretty funny:

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I completed The Phantom of the Crimson Blood Collection


Yay. Of course, I’m very happy that I completed this quest since I now have my SOSun level 64 glaive, but I still can’t help but think that these quests are one of the things have the have contributed to the ruination of this game. I really don’t play SRO at all. I bot all the time. If I’m not stalling, I’m botting. That means that I’m probably not very good at actually playing the game. I know I would die instantly in PVP. People like me don’t really deserve SOSun stuff. But quests like this make it possible for me to get one, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

Party mobs are worse though. Damn party mobs. Can’t grind anywhere because of them. They should at least make it so that party mobs don’t spawn in the Donwhang Stone Cave.

I documented the entire quest by taking a screenshot of every treasure box I encountered right before breaking each one open. I started the quest as soon as I could enter the Forgotten World. I’ve only done grade 1 runs and I rarely go beyond the very first treasure chest in Togui Village. I’ve tried to defeat the Togui Elder about five or six times, but I’ve never done it. I initially thought that perhaps you could only get the “Elder Staff” talisman by defeating “Togui Elder”. That would make sense, right? Since he’s the “elder” and actually holds a staff. But no, you can get an Elder Staff from any treasure box, even the first one. I read that online though; I never got an Elder Staff on my own.

I bought most of my talismans. Since on my server, Maya, at least, they’re all very cheap except for Elder Staff and Spell Paper, I bought everything except for Red Talisman, Red Tears, and Western Scriptures. I got a good deal on Elder Staff for 65 million gold and some weapon elixirs when it usually sells for 75-85 million gold. The rest of the talismans I got for about 1 million gold each, even Puppet and Dull Kitchen Knife, which sometimes sell for up to 9 million gold on Maya.

Spell Paper never seems to sell for less than 100 million gold though. Since I bought Elder Staff I had no way of paying that much money, so I figured I’d just keep going to the Forgotten World and sell the talismans I got there for as much money as possible until I either got lucky and found Spell Paper myself or had enough money to buy it from someone. I also noticed that on consignment some people don’t realise that, when selling more than one unit of an item, you have to type in the total price, not the price per unit. As a result, you sometimes see people selling three Togui Masks for 500,000 gold or something like that. When I see that I buy them and resell them for 3 million gold. That’s another easy way to make money. I suppose people will stop making that mistake soon enough though.

I was amazed yesterday that I found Spell Paper in the first treasure box in level 61-70 Togui Village, making my collection complete. It’s absolutely true that you get more talismans in the 61-70 Forgotten World than in the 51-60 or 35-50 Forgotten World. It is not a myth. I went to the first treasure box about 20 times in the 35-50 Forgotten World and never got a single talisman. I went about 20 times to the first treasure box in the 51-60 Forgotten World and got one talisman (I think it was Red Talisman). I went only about 10 times to the first treasure box in the 61-70 Forgotten World and got maybe 7 or 8 talismans, one of which was Spell Paper. The pattern is clear.

Of course, here are the screenshots I took in triumph:

alternate text

I have about 40 screenshots like this, but this one is different because it immediately precedes the Spell Paper drop!

The Elder Staff I had purchased before this

The completed collection

Unknown error

When I tried to get the reward I encountered this error that I had seen reported a few times on rev6 forums. I logged out and logged back in normally (i.e. without launching the game through ibot) and I received the reward without a problem. I was scared for a moment though.

The best part of this may be that the SOSun reward is NOT ACCOUNT- or CHARACTER-BOUND! I can sell it when I'm done with it!

I'm too poor to do much alchemy on it right now to fix the stats, but I at leat got it to +3