I got banned from Silkroad


Joymax banned two of my three accounts. I botted on one of the accounts, but the other one that got banned was completely clean. I had a level 80 character on there with over 100 million gold and about 300 million gold worth of items.

Thankfully, I don’t play much anymore, so it’s nowhere near as infuriating as it could be. Since I hadn’t logged in for several months, I had my guild taken over by some jerk and was guildless and relatively unknown.

The irritating part, however, is the fact that I really never did anything wrong at all on that account. I played by the rules and spent countless hours and quite a bit of money on becoming one of the best players on the server. I was able to laugh at people who had to use bots to get to my level. I was one of the few legit max level players back when I led my guild. I got some level of respect for that.

Meh, oh well. Maybe I’ll pick up Runescape or something.