I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this,

but I’ve found a new way to delevel characters for SP farming. I have a level 53 wizard that I’m using to farm SP for a new character I created. A level 53 wizard is not able to one-hit kill party Ongs, so I thought it would be best to do the SP farming at Chakji Workers. For this to work properly, I decided to simply leave the mastery levels for all skills on my new character at zero. Ideally, the character should be about level 8-10 to be farmed at Chakji Workers. The spawn rate there is fantastic and I can one-hit Chakji Worker party mobs. It’s also good because Chakji Workers are non-aggressive and won’t attack the character getting farmed, so you don’t even need to worry about protecting him or her.

The only problem is that the character getting farmed will eventually level up, even if he or she has a 9-level mastery gap. The nice thing here is that, when it comes time to delevel the character, since he or she is such a low-level, he or she can set the respawn location to Constantinople, talk to the NPC “Guide Riise” or something like that, and choose “Teleport to the location where you died”. This option is only available for characters below level 20, so people farming SP at Ongs who need to delevel can’t take advantage of it. It doesn’t take long to go down 1 complete level this way. It’s much faster than running outside of the city gates to get killed by a Slave Watcher.

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