Why can’t I have nice things part II (buyer’s remorse)

Buyer's remorse
When you type “buyer’s remorse” into Google images, this turns up. I’d say that this is a pretty good representation of my feelings at the moment.

I just bought a Wii on eBay and now I’m suffering from an acute case of buyer’s remorse. eBay is great, but it tends to have this overpowering side effect of causing otherwise sane people to make foolish purchases. When I first created my eBay account I remember I purchased a book on how to foster trust and loyalty in my clients to boost the success, reputation and market presence of my small organic agricultural enterprise. Of course, I have no use for such a book since my agricultural enterprise is neither small nor organic. I bought a lot of books like that just to increase my feedback score. But that’s exactly the kind of foolish purchase the great deals on eBay can render irresistible.

Maybe when the item shipment actually arrives the regret and shame I feel will dissipate to some extent. At least I’ll be able to play Xenoblade when that happens…that’s a good thing, I suppose.

Of course, there are still fake eroge for Wii like Osouji Sentai to look forward to; maybe that’ll lift my spirits a bit:

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