Well, I wasn’t gonna watch Hanasaku Iroha but now I guess I’ve got no choice

Chiaki Omigawa plays one of the main characters.



I didn’t think I’d be able to stomach this show after watching the first episode. The entire premise by which Ohana is carted off to the old hag’s ryokan was not believable. The whole thing with the boyfriend kid confessing in the first episode just as she’s about to leave town was also a bit off-putting, but I can see how perhaps further developments could make it work. In any case, I wasn’t particularly interested in watching more after seeing the first episode.

But then I realised that the reason that Minko character sounded an awful lot like Chiaki Omigawa was because it was, in fact, her playing the voice. She’s not a dojikko in this show, so that’s too bad, but she can make tsundere work too. Minko does seem to fail at all of her chores though, which provides plenty of opportunities to hear her curt, businesslike apologies, which is nice, I suppose. That’s a type of clumsiness, at least.

Now I’ve really got no choice but to watch the rest of the series, even if it’s garbage.



I'm sorry my Cammy cosplay does not please you


One thought on “Well, I wasn’t gonna watch Hanasaku Iroha but now I guess I’ve got no choice

  1. I literally dropped this after her bitch grandmother punched her and she says “thank you”.

    What the fuck.

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