The Tale of Genji just got an anime adaption…


I love The Tale of Genji, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see how it would work as an anime. Half of that entire novel consists of courtesy poems and people avoiding coming into contact with each other. Oh…wait…I guess that’s what most school drama anime are about anyway. To be honest, I’ve forgotten almost everything about the novel. The only important bit that I remember is that Genji dies several hundred pages before the novel ends. Considering the fact that it’s only an 11 episode series, Genji would have to die around episode 9 or so for this to work. That’d be suicide for the series, though. You can’t put the name `Genji` in the title and then force us to follow the lives of his idiot son Yugiri and his cousins or nephews or whoever those guys are who take the spotlight after Genji’s death.

The first episode has actually already aired, apparently. I’m really behind the times these days. Moreover, some fansub groups have picked it up. Still, I haven’t watched it yet. I imagine I will at some point soon, but I don’t see how it will manage to hold my attention without MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BL RAPE. I mean, that’s the appeal of the novel, right? From the title picture, however, it doesn’t look like the anime adaptation will place much attention on Genji’s shota tendencies, nor will they likely bring up the issue of the wild pot parties that Genji and his cronies always seem to throw:


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